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Delivery Information

Shipping info:
We are sending models to absolutely any part of the world!  We have happy customers in more than 60 countries worldwide!
Combined shipping is available - buy more at a time - pay less for shipping! The actual shipping cost would be calculated automatically during the checkout!
Typical Shipping costs for 1:43 scale models are (fast AIRMAIL worldwide), except ITALY (in Italy additional charge may be required as Italian post rules are different): •1 model = $12.90
•2 models = $18.90 for all 2 (you save $6.00)
•3 models = $29.90 for all 3 (you save $8.80)
•4 models = $29.90 for all 4 (you save $21.70)
•5 models = $29.90 for all 5 (you save $34.60)
•10 models =$48.00 for all 10 (yes, we make it cheaper than buy models from Vegas while sitting in LA!!! )